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We strive to provide pilots with the best user experience through providing outstanding realism and providing unique opportunities.

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About Us

Through a variety of events, group flights, discussions, and occasional streams, we're able to offer our pilots an atmosphere that they'll be bound to find an interest with.

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Our Operations

United Virtual's runs a variety of programs to improve pilot experience. We've added United Cargo routes and codeshared with other Cargo VA's to give our pilots more options and are current developing a Career Mode.

Our Network

United Virtual operates one of the largest route databases in the Virtual Airline industry. With our 8,000+ routes and 20+ aircraft, pilots can unlock any destination with a variety of aircraft to choose from.

AVIATE Academy

The first of its kind, the AVIATE Academy's mission is to adapt pilot training to better suit each trainee. AVIATE's modular training gives students the freedom to learn at their own pace.

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