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Founded in 2018, United Virtual has been striving to provide pilots with the best user experience through providing outstanding realism and providing unique opportunities. Through a variety of events, group flights, discussions, and occasional streams, we're able to offer our pilots an atmosphere that they'll be bound to find an interest with. Furthermore, with 8500+ routes and 22 aircraft, our pilots have access to some of the most resources provided by virtual airlines.

Basic Pilot Training

Often the first step for most pilots, Basic Pilot Training teachers pilots essential flight procedures and communications.

Advanced Pilot Training

Due to the diversity in UVAL's fleet, pilots can opt to learn more about how to properly handle larger aircraft.

Pilot Communications

To ensure efficiency as well as protect our pilots from being reported, pilots can opt to learn proper communications between ATC and the pilot.


To support our community's IFATC, the Academy provides pilots with a course that will help them prepare for the IFATC Knowledge Tests.


Helping your career take flight

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Fly together

Built upon strong values and basic fundamentals, United Virtual has been taking the lead with our many opportunities provided to our pilots. From our AV/ ATE  Academy to our MileagePlus rewards program, we're striving to provide the breeding ground of tomorrow's pilots. Ultimately, we're aiming to instill the same professional attitude and development goals upon our members as our real-world counterpart have upon their own employees and customers.

Second Officer

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First Officer

50+ Hours


150+ Hours

Senior Captain

300+ Hours

Crew Center